Forthcoming Events

Cajun Gourmet Night

5 July 2018

Speciality nights on the 1st Thursday of every month featuring cuisine from around the World. This month we focus on Cajun Food!

Cajun Gourmet Night

2 Courses 17.95

Tchaipitoulas Fried Chicken Salad
Kentucky Limestone salad with sweet potato & Bourbon dressing, peach, cheese and candied pecans
Cajun crab & prawn seafood crepe
* * *
Cajun style blackened salmon with spring onions,sweet potato, sweetcorn and a honeyed lemon yogurt dressing
Chicken & Ham Gumbo
Bean & Artichoke Jambalaya topped with creole sauce
* * *
Desserts £5.90
Peanut butter and banana ice cream parfait
Chocolate and strawberry Mississippi meringue pie
Orange crepes with honey butter sauce & ice cream

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