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Moroccan Gourmet Traveller night

2 November 2017

Speciality nights held on the 1st Thursday of every month featuring cuisine from around the World, this month Morocco, 2 Courses only £16.95

Moroccan Gourmet Traveller night

Morrocan Speciality night

Starter & Main Course
Deep fried sardine balls with cumin & coriander and a tomato sauce
Tomato, cumin & fig soup
Spiced Chicken liver filo triangle with minted yogourt
All served with pan baked flatbreads
* * *
Aromatic fish stew with anise, fennel, saffron & almonds served with hot new potatoes
Beetroot & chickpea falafel with yogourt, cauliflower & pomegranate tabouleh
Lamb & quince Tagine with cous cous
* * *
Desserts - £5.90
Warm quince crumble tart
Lemon & cardamon semifreddo ice cream
Chocolate, chestnut and almond cake

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