Forthcoming Events

French Gourmet Night

7 July 2016

Speciality nights on the 1st Thursday of every month featuring cuisine from around the World.

French Gourmet Night

Proposed Menu

French Speciality night
Starter & Main Course

Soupe de saumon et fenoil
Soufflé des trois fromages
Salad Lyonnaise - mixed leaves with poached egg & lardons
* * *
Creamy guineafowl fricasseé with peas, potato, bacon & lettuce
Tomato & caramelised onion tart Tatin with new potatoes and mixed leaf salad
Été fish stew with mullet, tiger prawns, mussels & rouille
All served with French bread

* * *
Desserts £5.50
Assiette of chocolate - Chocolate roulade, white chocolate bruleé & chocolate chip ice cream
Warm Chinon Apple tart
Cheese (Le Roule et Brie Rustique) & biscuits

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