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Cuban Gourmet Traveller

6 July 2017

Speciality nights held on the 1st Thursday of every month featuring cuisine from around the World.

Cuban Gourmet Traveller

2 Courses £16.95

Cuban Speciality night
Starter & Main Course
Carne fria - Pork, gammon & chorizo terrine with Cuban bread
Cuban Wedding Prawns - Prawns with tomato, wine, onion, garlic, green peppers and chilli on “ bruschetta”
Avocado, papaya & grapefruit salad served with Cuban bread
* * *
Pan-fried Swordfish with pineapple salsa
Huevos Habaneros - baked eggs Havana style with peppers and tomato
Lechon Asado - Citrus marinated loin of pork with onions & oregano
all served with Mures y Christianos (black beans and white rice)
* * *
Desserts - £5.30
Cake de Cuba Libre (Warm rum & coke cake)
Exotic fruit salad with green apple sorbet
Natilla Cuban pudding - Custard dessert with vanilla & cinnamon

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