Booking information

We are not using an online booking system for the time being so please give us a call on 01460 240584, drop us an email [email protected] or message us via facebook.

We will post our menu on our website and facebook page and ask you to pre-order your meal and in order to maintain contactless payment will either ask for a deposit or full payment. Any drinks or additions when dining can then still be paid for contactlessly (who’d a thought that would be a word?)

We are obliged to keep a temporary record of customers names and contact details for 21 days so we will ask you to supply these.

We have been in contact with our local environmental health officer to help us decipher the official government advice and come up with the following, pertinent to us:

 How many can you book for?

“Indoor gatherings are limited to members of any 2 households” so as long as your booking, or “gathering” only includes people from 2 households you can have as many people as live in those 2 households. However these 2 households still have to maintain social distancing from each other so your table may be spacious as a result.

What time can we book for?

We will be open from 6.00 pm on Saturdays and from 12.00 noon on Sundays, we will only take 1 booking per 15 minute slot up to a maximum of 8 bookings.

How will the food be served?

We will serve the food as we normally do! Hooray again! The kitchen and restaurant has always been subject to strict cleanliness routines and we have a 5 star rating from the Environmental Health Officer, extra cleanliness procedures are now in place adhering to EHO advice. All the staff have or will have a prevent Covid certificate which means we are up to date with current procedures. There may be a couple of differences at your table but no masks need to be worn unless we intend to engage you in conversation for 15 minutes or more.

How do we get in?

We will have separate entrance and exit, the entrance will be through the big barn doors looking out onto the road and exit will be through the smaller door at the side of the building (car park entrance side).

How do we Pay?

We ask for pre-orders and deposits or full payment of your meal when booking, any balance by contactless payment when you have finished your meal.

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