Forthcoming Events

Brazilian Gourmet Night

3 July 2014

2 Courses £15.95

Brazilian Gourmet Night

Acarajé - Shrimp, black eyed pies & onion fritters
Salpicao - Brazilian chicken salad
Bolinhos de Arroz - Fried rice balls
* * *
Moqueca - Brazilian fish curry with lime, piri piri, cocnut & coriander
Feijoada - Brazilian stew with rump beef, chorizo, pancetta & black beans
Empandinhos de Palmito - Brazilian empanadas with Palm heart

* * *
Desserts £4.90
Chocolate & biscuit mousse
Brazilian Pineapple Delight
Coconut blancmange
Quince & apple crumble cake with custard
Duke de leche cake

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