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Cocktails & nibbles

17 November 2017

Winter cocktails demonstration by Lloyd Brown - mixologist - with nibbles and food from the New Farm kitchen

Cocktails & nibbles

Starring the amazing Lloyd Brown, Mixologist and his cast of local spirits with a host of supporting ingredients

A fantastic start to the Weekend

7.00 pm start

There's no better way to kick off your weekend and indeed get into the spirit of the festive season with cocktails and nibbles here at New Farm Restaurant. Lloyd Brown, expert mixologist, uses locally made spirits from Somerset & Dorset. He will demonstrate before your very eyes the art of the cocktail, especially for Winter and the festive season. Nibbles will be served alongside as in banquet fashion you enjoy the products of his labours.


includes 4 cocktails and nibbles

Make a night of it and have a delicious meal from a select menu of main courses and desserts for a further £20/hd - menu tbA

Book now on 01460 240584

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